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Every email you send goes into a queue.
Fasttrack your message with iNotify!
iNotify is a dedicated communications channel. Think of it as your own exclusive lane on a motorway.

We call the senders of messages “Broadcasters”, for two reasons. Broadcasters can send their message to any number of people, internally and externally, and they can use any format they choose, from basic text through to video.

The “Receivers” are the recipients of the broadcaster's messages. iNotify is completely free to Receivers. Receivers “opt in” to the content they will allow iNotify to deliver; receivers choose the broadcasts they want to see.

To become an iNotify Receiver, all you need is a simple iNotify installation on your PC. It takes all of one minute to load, and you're in business.

Broadcasting iNotify
If you are taking the time to send a message to your customers, it follows that the message is important. So how about sending it straight to the front of the queue?

Your iNotify message, or “Broadcast”, is displayed as a visual alert on the Receiver's screen. No matter what they're doing - surfing, writing, emailing - your message cuts through and demands their attention.

iNotify messages are:
  • Guaranteed to arrive
  • Trackable
  • Spam-free
  • Virus-free
  • 100% secure
  • Separated from email clutter
  • Welcomed: your recipients have chosen to allow them.
  • In any format: text, HTML, DHTML, graphics, audio, video.

Receiving iNotify
Imagine a life without spam. Or, for that matter, choosing to receive only communications from people you want to reach you.

iNotify puts the Receiver, in total control of what what Broadcasts they receive. A Receiver actively opts in to allow only specific Broadcasts to be delivered - whether it's company information from the boss and HR, shipping updates from regular suppliers or product and media updates that are of interest. All can be delivered directly to the Receiver by iNotify. And just as easily as a Receiver can opt in to a Broadcast, they can opt out.

iNotify Receivers:
  • Know their messages are from Broadcasters they've chosen
  • Receive messages the moment they're sent
  • Receive no spam
  • Receive no viruses
  • Can choose to read now, or save for later
  • Receive messages free of charge

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