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iNotify Solves the Problem!
The Problem
How it Works...
In the beginning there was email, a fantastic medium for exchanging ideas with your friends and communicating for business.....and then came spam.

It has become a fact of life that you will get spam in your email inbox. The best spam filters in the world just can't keep up with the ever evolving and continually expanding world of unsoliciated commercial email.

The only spam filters that can even come close to keeping our inboxes from getting clogged with spam are the ones that use "white lists", lists of friends and businesses that we will accept email from. But keeping "white lists" up to date is an impossible task...and if they are not up to date, email we want to see gets lost... again, amongst the piles of spam.
The Solution
iNotify is a tiny program that runs in the background on your computer.

It takes less than a minute to install and puts in your hands TOTAL control of who gets to send you “Broadcasts”; the updates, notices, subscriptions, advertising or any of the other many bits and pieces of information that you get today via email from the companies you do business with.
The Guarantee
iNotify is spam free, Guaranteed!

If you donít use a spam filter on your email program you probably receive thousands of unwanted emails every month.

With iNotify you have control over who can and canít send you a message. iNotify delivers your desired content directly to your desktop via the system tray. iNotify will announce a new communication simply by flashing its icon in your system tray.

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