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Every day your email queues with 6 billion others!
Cut through the crowd with iNotify!
iNotify is a new way to communicate electronically with many people. Whether you need to send information to your customers or your employees, iNotify is the best way to get your message through, guaranteed!

Like email, iNotify enables you to send a message directly – but, entirely unlike email, iNotify has its own communications channel to do it.

Email, RIP... Once an exciting new tool, email is now creaking under its own weight. 70% of the 7 billion emails sent every day are in fact spam. Up to 60% of all email never actually arrives: a battery of filters, governors and protectors weed out vast amounts of expensively produced messaging.

The intended recipients of all that misplaced email never knows what they have missed, while the sender doesn’t know what’s arrived and what hasn’t. And even if your message does get through, it sits in an unsavoury queue of spam for replica watches, medicines and phoney investment “opportunities”.

iNotify is guaranteed spam-free. Guaranteed not to get lost. And guaranteed to be 100% secure.

iNotify also appears as an alert on the “receiver's” computer desktop. It is unmissable, dynamic and completely separated from email clutter.

If you think your communication deserves something better, we agree: iNotify.

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