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3.7 billion items of spam will be emailed today...
But don't worry, your vital message is somewhere in the queue!
How do you reach your staff before death by spam takes over?

How do you tell your organisation that the email’s down when, well, the email’s down?

How do you separate desperately urgent from routine information?

iNotify covers every base, by giving your company a dedicated communications channel, inside and outside the building.

It means that you can alert and advise when systems are down for maintenance. You can use iNotify tactically, too; for example, by delivering user-friendly content on new IT applications or software upgrade that pre-empts the need to call the Service Desk for help.

Whatever you need to communicate – from new product and service information to housekeeping reminders about fire alarm testing – iNotify will help your company become better informed and more productive.

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