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The New Technology of Communications
The iNotify "Receiver" Application
How it Works...
To become an iNotify Receiver you will install the iNotify application and then opt-in to, or signup for, content (“Broadcasts”) that you want to receive. Becoming an iNotify Receiver is completely free!

When a Broadcaster creates a new item for your Broadcast, eg. a weekly newsletter, daily stock quote, monthly specials flyer, etc., you will receive that updated item in iNotify instantly.

You ONLY receive information from the Broadcasts you opt-in to.

You will never get any unsolicited offers or offensive content in your iNotify folder.

If you opt-out of a Broadcast you will NEVER receive another item in your iNotify folder related to that Broadcast.

YOU, the Receiver, are in absolute control of what you see. You can turn it off or turn it on at any time.

Just image, all of your business exchanges via iNotify, freeing up your email to once again become a safe and unclutter place to exchange ideas with friends..."white list" friends!
The iNotify "Broadcaster"
Broadcasters have the ability to create a “Broadcast” within the iNotify management system:
  • Examples of a Broadcast can include a Monthy Newsletter, weekly sales flyer, video seminar series, etc.
  • Broadcasters can setup an iNotify page on their website to automatically sign up their customers to their iNotify Broadcast
  • Broadcasters can move their email mailing lists to iNotify and invite all of their customers to opt-in to their new iNotify Broadcasts.
  • Receivers can search and view information about Broadcasts and opt-in to a Broadcast at any time.
  • Broadcasts can consist of any online media: RSS Feed, Video, Audio, HTML, Flash, etc.
  • Broadcasts can be set to expire, or can exist permanently

A Broadcast can have one “Item” or many. As an example, if your Broadcast is “The Big Newsletter”, published monthly, the Items that make up that Broadcast are the indiviual monthly issues of the Newsletter. The Receiver only needs to opt-in to the Broadcast, and immediately gets access to all of the Items that are part of that Broadcast.

Broadcasters can manage their Receiver list and Broadcasts from the iNotify website:
  • Invite new users to become iNotify Receivers
  • Removed Receivers from Broadcast user lists
  • Create new Broadcasts
  • Add, update, delete and expire Broadcast Items

The content of a Broadcast Item can be hosted on the iNotify network of servers or on the Broadcaster's own website. The choice is up to the Broadcaster. Existing investments in RSS publications, video streaming, etc. can be utilized by create Broadcast Items that link directly to the Broadcaster's existing resources; iNotify will just look after the customer notification for you!

iNotify is free for Receivers. Broadcasters pay a monthly fee for access to the iNotify system based on the size of their customer base. Click here for more information on Pricing...

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